Best Dam BLTOSPC Ever

you will need

8 slices of Texas toast

12 pieces of thick cut bacon

1 head of lettuce

1 large tomato

1large onion

1 jar of sweet peppers

8 slices of sharp cheddar

1 bottle of Oh My Garlic ™!

1 bottle of spicy horseradish mustard

wax paper

makes 4 sandwiches

pre-cook the bacon until crispy

cut your tomato and onion into slices

use a butter knife to spread Oh My Garlic ™! on one side of each of your pieces of Texas toast and put sauce side down on a piece of wax paper.

put a piece of sharp cheddar on each of the pieces of Texas toast

add 3 slices of bacon to 4 pieces of the toast

put 2 slices of tomato, 2 slices of onion, 2 leafs of lettuce, and sweet peppers on top of the bacon

now put 2 big spoon fulls of spicy horseradish mustard on top of that and top with a second piece of the Texas toast

cook in fry pan on low until golden brown on the outside