Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Torchbearer Sauces?

We’re a family/friend-owned and run hot sauce store with a mouthwatering collection of the hottest sauces, Reaper Pepper sauces, BBQ sauces, and more for every palate and heat level. Whether you like it blazing hot or deliciously mellow, we have the perfect specialty sauce for you! 

Want to learn more about us? Check out our story.

What makes your hot sauces different?

We put flavor first, and fire second at Torchbearer Sauces. Instead of adding buckets of vinegar or loads of heat for the sake of being spicy, we fill our hot sauces with awesome flavors using fruits, veggies, and the hottest peppers around like the Ghost Pepper and Reaper Reaper.

Are your hot sauces healthy?

They’re accidentally healthy, intentionally delicious! Each of our specialty sauces is made naturally with fruits and vegetables. No preservatives, artificial flavors, or bitter extracts that so many other hot sauces have.

Where have I seen Torchbearer Sauces?

You may have seen some of our sauces on Hot Ones (we’ve been featured in 7 seasons!), where everyone from Chef Gordon Ramsay to your favorite actors have tried our unique hot sauces. We’ve also been mentioned in Food Network and CNN articles, have made sauces for Stranger Things and band collaborations, and have a community following on Reddit!

Which of your sauces were on Hot Ones?

Garlic Reaper, Zombie Apocalypse (not once, but twice!), Headless Horseradish, Son of Zombie, Honey Badger, and Mushroom Mayhem were all featured on various seasons of Hot Ones. Try our Hot Ones Sauces 5-pack or shop our Hot Ones page if you dare to taste the blaze!

Do you have any wholesale options?

We sure do! Try our wholesale hot sauces in your store, risk-free through New users who order using our direct link will get great benefits like $100 off your first order, 1 year of free shipping, free returns on your first order, and the option to buy now and pay 60 days later! You can also contact us directly for wholesale orders, and we are happy to offer discounts for larger orders!

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