Shinedown Hot Sauces: Spicy Garlic Chipotle Sauces & More

Just when you think hot sauce couldn’t get any better, Shinedown comes to the stage. Drop. The. Mic. We’re beyond excited to share our legendary collaboration with the band, featuring specialty sauces like your new favorite: our smokey and spicy Symptom chipotle pepper hot sauce. One taste of the balanced heat and awesome flavors in this collection, and you’ll be wondering where it’s been your whole life. Take it up a notch!

Shinedown spicy garlic chipotle hot sauce pack

A Collaboration for the Ages

If you’re not already a super-fan of Shinedown like we are at Torchbearer Sauces, you will be after this collection. Yep, these specialty sauces are THAT good. They deliver the perfect level of heat thanks to peppers like the delightfully smokey and spicy chipotle and so much flavor from garlic, fruits, and vegetables it’s a mystery how it all fits into a single bottle. Spicy’s never tasted this good.


How spicy is the spicy garlic sauce?

It’s not as fiery as our Carolina Reaper-led Garlic Reaper sauce, but not as lowkey as bestselling Oh My Garlic™ either. It’ll give you just enough heat without needing to make a milk run.

What can I expect from your Shinedown collab?

Rock star levels of flavor. Delicious fire that even Hades himself would be jealous of. With their melodic combination of smokiness, spiciness, and garlickiness, you’ll put these sauces on everything.

What will chipotle pepper hot sauce taste good on?

When we say you’ll put it on everything, we mean EVERYTHING – on a sandwich, mixed into a smokey-spicy mayo, with your tacos and burritos, or even right off a spoon.

Join the Heat Wave

Want more flavor-first, fire-second sauces like the spicy garlic sauce in our collab? You’ve landed at the right hot sauce store! Torchbearer Sauces is all about bringing the heat without giving up the awesome flavors that make hot sauces so insanely enjoyable. Turn up your taste bud thermostat with our Reaper pepper hot sauces, unique BBQ sauces, and mild to the hottest sauces—some for every palate and heat level!

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