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We’ll let you in on a little secret: hot sauce makes everything better. Bland chili? Hot sauce. Dollar menu tacos? Hot sauce. Have a bad day? Hot sauce! Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get it. Our small batch hot sauces are our way to make things a little better, offering up tons of delicious flavor and heat for any dish imaginable. From our perky Coffee BBQ sauce to the ridiculously hot Zombie Apocalypse Jolokia pepper sauce, spicy’s never tasted this good.

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Make Your Taste Buds Happy

If you’ve been dreaming of unique hot sauces packed with flavor, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialty hot sauces are total pros at giving you fire and flavor, all in one. Make that seafood sing with the garlicky smokiness of Smokey Horseradish, add sweet heat with our exceptional BBQ sauces, light a fire in your mouth with something spicy, or try the whole shebang with one of our artisan sauce packs. Your flavor explosion awaits!



Are there any non-hot hot sauces?

We have small batch hot sauces for every palate and heat level! If spice is a no-go, we’d recommend an artisan sauce like our Everyday Sauce or Pineapple Papaya BBQ, which has a ton of (no-heat/low heat) flavor.
TL;DR: magic.

How’d you get so much tastiness in your unique hot sauces?

Rather than using artificial flavors and extracts, our hot sauces are naturally made with fruits, vegetables, and peppers like the Reaper and Ghost Pepper to create unbelievably awesome flavors.

Can grandma try these hot sauces?

She may want to stick to the milder sauces since some of these will seriously ignite her taste buds. But she’s welcome to try reaper sauces if she walks on the wild side. You go, grandma!


Turn Up the Flavor

Friends don’t let friends eat boring food. So, put down that below-average sandwich and pick up one of our accidentally healthy, intentionally delicious sauces. Made in small batches with real, natural ingredients, we put flavor first and the fire second to give your palate a whole new experience. Turn your taste bud thermometer up – order now from our hot sauce store and get free shipping for $75+.



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