Sauces on Hot Ones

Do you dare to taste the blaze? Then, welcome to our fiery inferno, friends. Tasted by Sean, Gordon Ramsay, and plenty more, our Hot Ones challenge sauces defy all expectations when it comes to heat. Honey Badger looks sweet, but comes in for the kill with its Scorpion Pepper bite. The legendary Zombie Apocalypse burns in the best possible way. Then, just when you think you’ve reached the limit, savory Garlic Reaper swoops in to light your torch. And that’s only the start. Unleash the spice today!

Hot Ones

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As Seen on Hot Ones

You smirked at celebrities’ teary eyes as they bit into spicy wings. You confidently declared that you could handle that sauce without breaking a sweat. Now, let’s see just how much of that was flaming lip service. From Reaper Pepper hot sauces to ultra-hot Ghost Pepper sauces, we’ll have you feeling the delicious, teary-eyed, brow-sweating burn in just one bite. But don’t worry – these Hot Ones bottles are as flavorful as they are fiery.



Will my taste buds catch fire with Hot Ones challenge sauces?

Literally? Probably not. But they’ll definitely feel like they’re lit up like the Fourth of July thanks to peppers like the Reaper, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), and Scorpion Pepper.

Are the sauces on Hot Ones just for wings?

These sauces may have been served up on wings for celebs, but you can satisfy your craving for spice by putting them on your tacos, pizza, tofu, steak, and other recipes with hot sauce!

Do these sauces have any flavor?

We never make sauces spicy just to be spicy! Flavor first and fire second, our unique hot sauces combine the hottest peppers (the Reaper, anyone?), fruits and vegetables, and spice blends to give you awesome flavors and heat.


Light Your Torch

If you’re looking for a ridiculously-hot hot sauce, a not-so-hot sauce, or something in between, you’ve come to the right place. Family/friend-owned and run, Torchbearer Sauces has specialty sauces for every palate and heat level. Ride the heat wave from sauces on Hot Ones to wing sauces for sale to BBQ sauces and more – all made without artificial flavors or preservatives. Spicy’s never tasted this good!



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