Oh yeah, we’ve won a few awards here and there, too. Check out some of the awards TorchBearer Sauces has won in some of the recent national hot sauce competitions.

Scovie Awards 2011

3rd Place- Chipotle BBQ
3rd Place- Extreme Sauce -Non Extract- Zombie Apocalypse™

Picasso Awards 2010

Show Best- Chipotle BBQ
Best Art Work- Zombie Apocalypse™

Awards for product PA State Chili Cook Off

TorchBearer Chili
Belly Burner Award

America’s Best Food Competition 2006

#1 Everyday Sauce™
1st Place, Hot Sauce, Mild

#7 Sultry Sauce™
1st Place, Hot Sauce

#42 Slaughter Sauce™
2nd Place, Hot Sauce XXX-non extract

Fire in the Pantry: 70 Recipes from Breakfast to the Bar
1st Place, Best Cookbook

#11 Sugar Fire Sauce
3rd Place, Condiment Dessert Sauce

Scovie Awards 2005

2nd Place, Full Products, Website
#11 Sugar Fire Sauce
3rd Place, Prepared Sauce, Sweet

#7 Sultry Sauce™
3rd Place, Prepared Sauce, Red Chile

Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine 2nd Annual Hot Sauce Competition 2005

#7 Sultry Sauce™
2nd Place, Best Specialty
2nd Place, Best Hot
3rd Place, Best Red

Zest Fest 2011

Golden Chile Award Winning  1st Place 2011
Carolina Style Barbeque- “Best Salad Dressing”
2nd Place 2011- Zombie Apocalypse™- “Salsa”
3rd Place 2011- Annihilation- “Salsa”

Awards for Excellency in Advertising

Philly Gold 2006
Package Design

Clio 2006
Design packaging shortlist

One Show 2006
Bronze Pencil –Design

ZestFest 2006

Sugar Fire
2nd place, Dessert Sauce

Everyday Sauce™
3rd place, Dessert Sauce (don’t ask!)

TorchBearer Cook Book
3rd place

Sultry Sauce™
2nd place, XXX non-extract hot sauce

Tarnation Sauce™
3rd place XXX non-extract hot sauce

Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine 3rd Annual Hot Sauce Competition 2006

#42 Slaughter Sauce™
1st Place, Best Habanero

#7 Sultry Sauce™
1st Place, Best Hot

Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge/Zest Fest 2005

#42 Slaughter Sauce™
1st Place, Best Habanero

#7 Sultry Sauce™
1st Place, Best Hot

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