Recipes With Hot Sauce

Looking to spice up the next Meatloaf Monday or Taco Tuesday? We have everything from appetizers to drinks to main course recipes, all featuring your favorite specialty hot sauces. Flaming mashed potatoes with Sultry Sauce! BBQ burgers with Chipotle Barbeque sauce! Turns out, you can use our hot sauces on pretty much anything you can imagine. Try some of our favorite recipes and give your tastebuds something to talk about!

Awesome Meals from AM to PM

Wondering what to do with hot sauce? There’s nothing wrong with slathering it all over your food (you do you). But sometimes you wanna feel a little fancy. Maybe you want to impress mom with your cooking skills. Maybe it’s for that hot date you want to make hotter. Either way, we’re here to help with mouthwatering recipes with hot sauce that bring heat AND flavor to the table. Get ready for savory, spicy, and smoky eats to satiate even the pickiest of eaters.


Are these recipes difficult?

Most of these are so easy, even you can make them (you know who you are). They generally don’t require too much time or effort – just some mixing, sautéing, boiling, or baking. Your kitchen’s safe…for now, at least.

Can I add different sauces to these recipes?

Of course, you can! You can try swapping out a similar-but-hotter sauce (like Garlic Reaper instead of Oh My Garlic™), or choose something slightly milder/heat-free like our flavorful Everyday Sauce™.

How spicy are these recipes with hot sauce?

We’d say they’re the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Expect some smokiness and sweetness with a little zing from peppers like Reapers and habañeros.

Healthy & Natural Sauces

Ever since Gordon Ramsay tasted the fire of Torchbearer Sauces on Hot Ones, we’ve been thinking he’d be especially impressed with these creative hot sauce uses. Do him – and us – proud and cook your food to perfection with Torchbearer’s flavor-filled lineup of sauces. Our naturally-made BBQ sauces, garlic sauces, and other unique hot sauces are made to complement just about anything you’re cooking up. Your flavor explosion awaits!

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