Reaper Pepper Sauces

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The Carolina Reaper Pepper certainly has the heat all the pepper-heads crave but did you know it also has TONS of flavor? We’ve harnessed both in the sauces below in some very inventive ways. From a fruity and sweet Plum Reaper to our best-selling savory and smokin’ Garlic Reaper, anyone with a heightened heat tolerance will salivate over the tastiest Reaper sauces on the market. Extracts are a dirty word here at TorchBearer and you’ll see why when you notice no weird aftertastes or upfront, flavor-ruining burn when tasting any of these sauces. Flavor is always first with us, even in our hottest sauce ever, The Rapture, which brings the unique flavor of Reapers and Scorpion peppers to the forefront before melting away in a fiery deluge. If you want some of the hottest sauces out there with an unbeatable flavor, look no further than TorchBearer Sauces’ Reaper sauce lineup.