Wing Sauces

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Is there anyone out there eating dry, plain wings? There’s no doubt that every single sauce we make has been on a wing at one time or another but these are the crème de la crème! You can get your heat on with Goblin Sauce, TorchedStone Thai, and even The Rapture (if you think you can handle it), or tone it down a bit with the undeniably delicious flavors found in Honey Garlic or Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce. No matter what your winged heart desires, we’ve got just the right thing.There are so many ways to eat wings depending on heat level, pepper type, and flavor that it can feel overwhelming. Hopefully by breaking it down, you’ll be able to choose exactly what’s right for you.

Traditional Wing Sauces

Most people looking to sauce up some freshly made wings for a group want to keep it easy and approachable and we have just what you need. Our Buffalo Wing Sauce is mild, tasty, and just right for everyone from grandpa to the discerning palate of your eight-year-old. If you want to step it up a notch, our Chipotle Wing Sauce takes our Buffalo recipe and adds some smokey and spicy chipotle peppers. The flavor is a bit more nuanced and a little kick is added for those who want their wings to have a bite but not hurt them. Finally, there a those of us that aren’t looking for the Buffalo style and love almost every restaurant’s offering of the Garlic Parmesan. We get you more than halfway there with our Oh My Garlic sauce. Just douse your favorite wing in this lovely sauce and sprinkle a little parm overtop. This is such an easy way to make that favorite mild and savory wing you love!

Fun and Mild Wing Sauces

We’ve already mentioned how our Oh My Garlic makes a great wing that suits every taste but there’s a lot of other flavors that will give you zero to mild spice. Take our Honey Garlic Sauce, a sweet and savory sauce tailor-made for wings. It’s thin and will give your wings a little sheen, providing just the right amount of sauce-to-wing ratio. If you are looking for something with a bit of a kick and a heck of a lot of fresh flavor, you will love Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce. The freshness of the lime and cilantro will make your wings dance off the plate and the heat and flavor of jalapenos will give your mouth a pleasant tingle and possibly wet your upper lip. Don’t be scared of it, though, it’s only a little spicy.

Garlic Wing Sauces

Garlic. It goes on EVERYTHING and we decided to go with a few different intensities to satiate the novice to the pro. Oh My Garlic needs to be spoken of again (is it in every category?) as this is the starting point to our garlic line-up. Completely mild and endlessly delicious, you really can’t go wrong here. We’ve even mixed it into other sauces to add the garlicy creaminess it always provides. Next would be our Honey Garlic Sauce that thins out and adds a sweetness. It’s great to pour over top or caramelize on your wings by adding near the end of your cooking process. If you are looking for a bit more heat, our Oww My Garlic takes our original Oh My Garlic and adds Habaneros to the mix. Be prepared to get a little sweaty with this one, especially if you are eating 10 wings or more. Finally, our best-selling hot sauce of the past few years comes to finish off this list; Garlic Reaper. Not for the faint of heart, our face-melting masterpiece will make even the most stolid reach for the milk. Still using OMG as its base, the Carolina reaper is the star of the show and will make every wing slathered in it a true test of one’s spice tolerance. Oh, and it also has a superb garlic flavor and will make you keep coming back for more no matter what pain it inflicts.

Hot Wing Sauces

You like wings and you want them to singe you a little, right? Here’s the ones that get right to it but don’t require you to be a hot pepper eating champ to enjoy them. First up is Habanero Evil. This comes the closest to that traditional, Louisiana-style hot sauce with it’s vinegar base and strong onion and garlic flavor. If you want a spicy, tasty wing that almost everyone will like, Hab Evil is your sauce. Next up is for those who love that sweet heat. Sweet Onion Habanero is one of our newest creations and brings equal amounts spice and sweetness for those who can’t get enough of that combo. Be prepared as this one will bite you back right before it soothes you again on your next chomp. Goblin sauce is another hot and tasty wing sauce from our collaboration with the metal band, Nekrogoblikon. This sauce is our first ever use of orange juice in a recipe and is rounded out nicely with pineapple, jalapeno, and just a touch of scorpion peppers. It’s super citrusy which brings the heat to the forefront along with a ton of tang. Closing up this section is the one sauce we made specifically for wings. It has everything; sweetness, smokiness, heat, a thick body for easy wing clinging, and a great name. Son of Zombie! This may be the wing sauce that tops them all and should be within arms-reach of every wing maker out there. With its tomatoes, honey and molasses, you’ll get an almost bbq-like beginning while the chipotle peppers bring in the smoke. A healthy amount of ghost peppers brings some creeping heat in at the end that will open up your tastebuds and have you coming back over and over. We can’t overstate how perfect Son of Zombie is for wings and most who’ve tried it agree.

Super-Hot Wing Sauces

Now for the pain. Whether you’ve spent meal after meal honing those tastebuds to stand up to ever intensifying, brutal wings or are a first-timer looking to dive head-first into the deep end, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Years ago, when we were just starting out, we got our hands on some ghost peppers and made Zombie Apocalypse. In this sauce we celebrate the flavor and heat of the ghost chili and so many people have enjoyed the experience right along with us. This is the sauce to start off with if you are looking to up your game or surprise your party guests. Are you in love with the ghost pepper but want to change things up? Headless Horseradish just might be the one for you. With this sauce you get the unique flavor of horseradish with some chipotles, garlic, and a handful of ghost peppers, making your wings unlike anything you’ve had before. Add some bacon for a truly heady experience! Speaking of unique flavorings, you’ll definitely want to try TorchedStone Thai, a recipe shared by us and wrestler/podcaster/comic book star/so many other things, Brimstone. There’s so much heat in this sauce that it could put you down for the 3-count but the Asian-inspired flavors will pick you back up for many rounds to come. Garlic Reaper is next, taking a creamy garlic base and topping it with so much Carolina Reaper heat, we dare you to eat a dozen wings and not cry. Finally, we have The Rapture. This unforgiving sauce is 66.6% reapers and scorpion peppers with a base of carrots, oranges, and tomatoes and is guaranteed to mess you the heck up. If you like a fresh, earthy pepper flavor followed by a growing, evil heat that just won’t let go, what’s wrong with you, er, we mean, this is it right here.