Hot Sauce Sets

For when one bottle isn’t enough, there are our hot sauce cases. They give you not two, not three, but 5 or 10 bottles in one hot sauce variety pack, so you always have sauce on hand to satisfy your craving for spice. Drink our flagship Sultry Sauce sauce like it’s water (but please don’t). Level up those late-night chicken ‘nugs with sweet, smokey, and spicy Chipotle Barbeque sauce. Your possibilities are endless.

Cases (single sauces)

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Bundle Up

Do you douse every meal from morning ‘til night with hot sauce? Do you dream about the intense garlic heat of our Garlic Reaper Sauce? Then, we think you may have a bit of a hot sauce obsession. It’s okay – we do, too. That’s why we’ve put together hot sauce sets with all the heat and flavor you can imagine, like our carrot-based Tingly Sauce and devilishly delicious and citrusy-spicy Nekrogoblikon’s Goblin Sauce. Get fired up – order a hot sauce bundle now and get free shipping for $75+!



Why should I buy a hot sauce variety pack?

The real question is why shouldn’t you buy one? These babies give you the chance to pour all the sauce to your heart’s content, cook up recipes with hot sauce, or even give one to a friend.

What if I can’t finish a whole hot sauce set?

We believe in you! But while the awesome flavors in these sauces will definitely leave you wanting more, you can always try a single sauce bottle instead.

Are these hot sauce cases hot?

We have hot sauce bundles for everyone’s palate and heat level. Keep it low-key with Oh My Garlic™, cover 3 months of taco nights with Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro, or ignite your taste buds with one of our Hot Ones sauces.


All-Natural Specialty Sauces

Lose the bitter hot sauces and take it up a notch with Torchbearer Sauces. We put flavor first, and heat second. Using fruits, vegetables, and some not-so-secret ingredients (we’re all about transparency), we’ve created an award-worthy and -winning collection of the hottest sauces that have a ton of delicious flavor you and your heat-loving family will love. Spicy’s never tasted this good.



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