Barbecue Sauces

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Whether you are out grilling in the summer sun, finding the perfect dipper for some chicken fingers, or slow cooking in the dead of winter, TorchBearer BBQ sauces are perfect. Our northern style barbecue sauces are thicker, sweet, and best used as finishing sauces when grilling or topping your latest burger creation while the thinner, southern styles are well suited for marinades and pulled barbeque. Either way, you are going to have a blast adding cool flavors like pineapple or coffee and maybe even spicing things up a bit with our sweet, smokey, and spicy Chipotle BBQ. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this delectable collection.

Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

There are three main styles of BBQ from the Carolinas. You have your Eastern style which is a vinegar-heavy (usually cider), rather thin sauce often containing cayenne pepper and other spices for kick. The main thing to remember is these sauces never have tomato like other BBQs. The Western style uses this same style but adds in ketchup. Finally, the Southern style uses mustard instead of the ketchup for its zippy, unique flavor. Our Carolina-style BBQ sauce takes these three flavors and melds them together perfectly, maintaining that thin, vinegar base with tomatoes and mustard added right in. In fact, the Memphis Style of BBQ sauce is very much in this same vein and may come to mind when trying our Carolina Style.

Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce

Our other BBQs fall into this category as they all have that thicker consistency and darker hue thanks to molasses, honey, and tomatoes, which are the signature ingredients in this style. Our Honey BBQ does this perfectly but we also change things up by using cold-brewed coffee in our Coffee BBQ, throwing some fruit into our Pineapple Papaya BBQ, and even spicing things up with our Chipotle BBQ.

Texas Style Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is often referred to as a “mop sauce” as it is slathered on to large pieces of meat, often using an actual mop! This is often a pretty thin, glaze-type of sauce that’s primarily used to flavor meats as they are smoked. While we don’t specifically make a Texas Style BBQ, taking many of our Kansas City Styles and thinning them with vinegar can give you a basting sauce very akin to this.