Specialty BBQ Sauces

Tried-and-true barbeque sauces are always a hit, but have you ever wanted…more? Taking everything we love about those sauces and adding our own flavorful twist, we’ve created the perfect marinades and grilling sauces. Biased? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Add a cool flavor like Pineapple Papaya, or treat yourself to something sweet and tangy like our award-winning Carolina-Style sauce. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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Barbecue Sauces

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Slather it on Everything

Let’s talk BBQ. Our Carolina-Style sauce gives you the tart flavor of the North and the sweet mustard taste of the South. Memphis-style may come to mind with this one if you’re a BBQ connoisseur. Our other sauces fall into the Kansas City-style category, with a thicker consistency and a darker hue thanks to the molasses, honey, and tomatoes. But if you’re looking for a unique BBQ sauce, change it up with our Coffee BBQ or spice up your life with our sweet, smokey, and spicy Chipotle BBQ.



Are these sauces spicy?

These definitely lean more on the milder side. Our Chipotle BBQ is your best bet for more of a kick. If you’re looking to surprise your neighbor’s taste buds at the BBQ, take a peek at our specialty hot sauces or wing sauces for sale!

Is BBQ sauce only for BBQ food?

No way! More than grilling sauces, you can put these babies on your pizza, mac and cheese, egg rolls, or lick ‘em right off your finger (we won’t tell).

Can coffee barbeque sauce replace my morning joe?

It may be made with fresh-brewed coffee, but we don’t recommend replacing your morning coffee with our sauce. But hey, give it a go and let us know how that works for you!


Make it Saucy

Whether you’re grilling out in the summer fun, finding the perfect dipper for some chicken fingers, or slow cooking in the dead of winter, our hot sauce store has the flavor you need. Give your tastebuds something to talk about with our naturally made, unique hot sauces that are free from preservatives and full of delicious flavor. Plus, get free shipping for $75+!

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