Danny Wood and NKOTB at Merriweather

Hey Sauce Fans! Welcome to blog post #2 in which we detail our recent trip to Maryland to see New Kids on the Block… Yeah, you heard us.

Danny Wood generously gave us 6 tickets, front and center, to NKOTB’s first show back from the pandemic because of a project we are working on with him (which we can talk more about in the future!).

We jumped in our decked-out rental van and headed south on 83. Our first stop was an excellent lunch at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood with Andi, Danny’s publicist, and few others in his entourage which Danny, very kindly, took care of. It was nice to meet everyone and, after 2 hours of great food and converstaion, we parted ways as they had to get to the show to help set up.

After wasting some time at a local mall, we headed to the show where we parked too far away, hiked about 2 miles, and waited in a nice long line. But all was not lost as, once we got into the venue, we were greeted by someone who Danny and the rest of NKOTB assigned to us to keep us hydrated! We weren’t (and still aren’t) accustomed to this level of treatment and were pretty blown away by this.

Directly after this we were brought back stage to meet Danny Wood with whom we had a nice meeting. He really went above and beyond as the security was understandably tight due to who they are and Covid protocalls. We enjoyed talking and grabbed a few pics with him before heading to our seats (5th row! These folks know how to make guests feel welcome!).

We enjoyed the first act and Salt & Peppa were a blast but things went nuts when New Kids came on. Now, as you might have guessed, we wouldn’t have considered ourselves huge fans and I think NKOTB would have been understanding as we aren’t their normal demographic, but it was hard not to be once they got going. The energy in the place was electric and those guys know how to put on a hell of a show. We had no idea how much fun it would be and we wouldn’t be opposed to going again.

In what seemed like no time at all the show was over and we headed home. While all of this came to be because of a deal we are doing, it can’t be overstated how generous and ultimately friendly everyone was to us. The tickets, the lunch, the free drinks, the meet-and-greet; Danny didn’t have to do any of it. We are so glad we decided to work with him as he seems to really value people and we hope to continue to do so far into the future. Thanks for everything, Danny, and keep up the great work!

Now all you guys need to get to a New Kids show near you and watch Danny’s cooking show on YouTube! Also, maybe pick up some sauces since you’re already here…

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