Carolina Reaper Sauces

Ready to challenge your palate and heat level? The infamous Carolina Reaper has all the heat pepper heads crave – plus a TON of flavor. We’ve brought the heat and awesome flavor together in inventive ways with our reaper pepper sauces. From a fruity and sweet Plum Reaper to our best-selling Garlic Reaper sauce, anyone whose need for heat can’t be beat will salivate over these tastiest reaper pepper hot sauces on the market. Unleash the spice today!

Reaper Pepper Sauces

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Unbeatable Flavor & Heat

Extracts are a dirty word here at Torchbearer Sauces, and you’ll see why when you notice no weird aftertastes or upfront, flavor-ruining burn when tasting any of these reaper sauces. Flavor is always first with us, even with our hottest sauce ever, The Rapture, which brings the unique flavors of reaper and scorpion peppers to the forefront before melting away in a fiery deluge. Take it up a notch with the taste of fresh peppers, fruit, vegetables, and spices in our hot sauces – minus any artificial flavors and preservatives.



Will reaper pepper sauces melt my face off?

Reapers are one of the hottest peppers around, so we’d say definitely (figuratively, not literally). But they’re also super flavorful with ingredients like plums and garlic to complement the heat.

What makes your reaper pepper hot sauce different?

Flavor first and fire second, our specialty sauces are made to add flavor to your food – not ruin it. Actual reaper peppers. Fruit. Garlic. Spices. Spicy’s never tasted this good.

Is this just for tacos?

Tacos are life, but we’d put these sauces on practically everything. Light up your chili, burgers, pasta, eggs, wings, and more. Check out our recipes with hot sauces for more ideas!


From Mild to Blisteringly Hot

As fellow heat lovers, we completely understand the need for unique hot sauces that aren’t hot just to be hot. Is flavor really that much to ask for?! We don’t think so, which is why we’ve made it our mission at our hot sauce store to bring you mouth-watering, fiery sauces you’ll truly love. Feel the burn with our reaper sauces or try something more mild, like one of our BBQ sauces. Your flavor explosion awaits!

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