Symptom Hot 5-Pack | 5 Bottles & Box | 5oz



You want to go all out and really get the sweat flowing? Here’s a collection just for you. Start out with a little heat with not one, but TWO bottles of Shinedown’s amazingly delicious Symptom Chipotle Garlic Sauce. This will get you started on your journey into the flames with a good spice, excellent smokey flavor, and that savory garlic base we are known for. Keep going and let us show you our love of the ghost pepper in Zombie Apocalypse, a killer hot/wing sauce that celebrates the heat and flavor of the bhut jolokia. If you like steak sauce, scorpion peppers, and mushrooms, you are going to tip your (mushroom) cap to our Mushroom Mayhem. It’s so savory and spicy that you’ll never use A1 or Worcestershire again! For dessert your going to love our sweet and beyond hot, Honey Badger. This killer hot honey mustard is sure to make you sweat while you enjoy chicken sandwiches, potato salad, and so many other mustard-worthy foods. Remember, these 3 sauces are HOT so don’t say we didn’t warn you. You can always keep the Shinedown sauce on the back burner to bring things back to manageable, if need be.

Symptom – Heat Level 3     Zombie – Heat Level 8     Mushroom – Heat Level 7     Honey Badger – Heat Level 8

***Due to the expected high demand for our Shinedown product launch, please expect shipping to have delays.  We will do our best to get everyone their sauces within a few weeks and are working hard to improve our process as we speak. Thank you for your understanding.***


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Symptom Hot 5-Pack | 5 Bottles & Box | 5oz
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