End of the World Box | 5 Bottles | 5oz



Now you can have all our most popular, best-tasting, super-hot sauces together in one great collection. We call it the End of the World Box because, for those not ready for it, it very well could be. Start your journey with Zombie Apocalypse, our first ever super-hot sauce, packed with ghost peppers, carrots, mandarin oranges, and tomatoes. Continue on with Garlic Reaper, our most popular product to date and a sauce with so much garlicy goodness you might forget about the massive reaper heat you’re seconds away from receiving. Next up is Rapture, our ode to crazy-hot peppers and the hottest thing we’ve ever made. Come down only slightly with some savory Reaper Evil and experience the joy of a bit more vinegar, onions, and garlic with a hint of black pepper rounding out the flavor. Finally, for dessert, have some Plum Reaper!


Torchbearer Sauces


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End of the World Box | 5 Bottles | 5oz
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