Mild to Wild 5-Pack | 5 Bottles | 5oz



The perfect mix for those looking to take a trip to the peak of Mt. Melturfaceoff. Your journey begins with the subtle warmth and big avocado flavor of Danny Wood’s Guac sizzle, the perfect sauce to rizz up those boring old tacos you got off some dollar menu down the street.

The incline begins to steepen just slightly with a healthy habanero tingle and the carrot, mandarin orange, and tomato base of our Tingly Sauce. Anything you want to throw a little heat into will pair well with this sauce.

Next you hit the switchbacks as WE switch back to another sauce from Danny Wood; his Jalapeno Cilantro masterpiece. This stuff brightens up everything from burritos to soups to even sandwiches and salads!

Now the terrain starts to get rough and you have to hold on tight as you are repeatedly slammed with breath-taking heat in our hottest habanero-based sauce; Slaughter. Be mindful of those drops in your chili and on your chicken parm, the bottom can drop out pretty quickly…

Finally, the summit is in sight, but first you have to brave the treacherous pitfalls of Honey Badger, our killer honey mustard. This sauce starts sweet but ends in a brutal deluge of scorpion and reaper peppers that few can survive unscathed. Great for chicken sandwiches and stromboli, a little goes a long way.

Grab this great collection now for yourself or a friend and start your climb today!


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Mild to Wild 5-Pack | 5 Bottles | 5oz
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