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Oww! My Garlic – What do you get when you cross our best selling sauce with our most popular hot sauce?  A garlicy, spicy, tour de force that’s great on sandwiches, pizzas, veggies, salads and so much more.  Oww My Garlic is perfect for just about anything and all our recipes featuring Oh My Garlic ™ will be spiced up just right by using Oww instead. Perfect For: White Pizza, Wings, Salad


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10 reviews for Oww My Garlic | Bottle | 12oz

  1. Eric (verified owner)

    This is an awesome sauce. I love the original Oh My Garlic but this one is different enough from that to justify having both. It’s hotter than I expected..which is a good thing (a good hot though not mouth hurting hot). I really hope this graduates from test sauce to a permanent spot on the roster.

  2. Cullen

    I think I found my new favorite sauce! I love spicy, and the garlic reaper is my favorite sauce, but with a little less heat, it makes this sauce perfect for anything! I like it on burgers, and it also makes an awsome toping to a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast bagel. Definitely a keeper!

  3. Geoff Hamilton (verified owner)

    I love the garlic taste of this sauce and it has the perfect amount of heat for everyday use on many foods.

    I hope this sauce becomes a permanent addition to the Torchbearer line of sauces

  4. Tyler Almquist (verified owner)

    This sauce is so versatile and packed with flavor. I was blown away from my first taste of it. Its the perfect level of heat with enough garlicky creaminess to balance things out. It might very well be my favorite sauce I’ve ever tried. I‘ll be absolutely devastated if this sauce doesn’t become permanent

  5. Savannah Janzen (verified owner)

    Best sauce i’ve tried in a while! It’s actually garlic forward unlike most “garlic sauces” and its a put on everything sauce so you cant go wrong! Def buy! Praying it doesn’t just stay a tester <3

  6. Jarod farina (verified owner)

    We love this sauce please make more

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    Outstanding on just about anything. Heat, flavor, everything I want in a sauce …make this permanent please!!!!

  8. Nate (verified owner)

    This is even better when mixed with garlic reaper, especially on wings, should really make it a permanent sauce and take it out of test mode

  9. Wally Wheeler

    Outstanding. I’m quite simple with my dinners. Chicken breast, turkey breast or pork, unseasonably and cooked in our air fryer. This stuff is absolutely my favorite to pour all over my proteins. I can’t even say how perfect this is. You’ve got to try it yourself and then you’ll know what I mean. …. Garlic Reaper is great on steamed veggies.

  10. Jordan s

    Love the ooh garlic sauce , but this one is outta this world , perfect mix of garlic and spicy .. and it definitely packs a big spicy punch ! Which I love , hopefully they’ll keep its sauce

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Oww My Garlic | Bottle | 12oz
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