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We teamed up with musician and The Wood Works creator and chef, Danny Wood, to bring you Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce. This spicy-yet-not-too-spicy sauce will fit anyone’s diet. The jalapeno shines through, complimenting the garlic and vinegar nicely while the cilantro’s fresh, aromatic flavor rounds everything out. It’s definitely got some heat but don’t be afraid if you aren’t a pepper head, it’s very approachable. You can certainly use this on every future taco, burrito, quesadilla, and nacho plate but that’s by no means the end of it. We’ve been eating it on turkey sandwiches, chicken thighs, baked potatoes, asparagus, fish, etc. etc…. You can’t go wrong with Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro!

Danny Wood is an established singer, songwriter, and producer who rose to fame as a member of the band, New Kids on the Block. Danny ventured into the world of new media with his YouTube channel ‘The Wood Works,’ producing content with the themes of family, food, fitness and fun. The channel releases a new video every Tuesday at 12pm EST/9am PST.


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57 reviews for Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Miss Joyce Battle (verified owner)

    I wanted to try this new sauce and know that my family loves the combo of Jalapeño, Cilantro and lime.

    As an aside, I feel sorry for those poor ppl who are cursed w the ‘cilantro tastes like soap’ gene!

    I had a pork roast ready to go so I tried Danny Wood’s Jalapeño Cilantro Lime Hot Sauce as a topping.

    The lime jumps out for me first…Brightening my taste buds up, saying ‘Hey, here I am!’

    The jalapeño and cilantro are subtle, warming the taste up a bit, giving it a deeper tone that goes well w the pork.

    The heat is definitely there… I’d say a 4.5/10. It gives your lips and tongue a nice little ‘goose’.

    I can’t wait to try it using it with other meals!

    Altogether well done!


  2. Raye Lewis (verified owner)

    This is a really good sauce! I’ve tried it on tacos, eggs, baked chicken, and a few other items. This sauce also makes an awesome Pico sauce! Great flavor with a flicker of heat, quite tasty!

  3. Terrie Williams (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this sauce and will be ordering more. I love the flavor. The lime hits you first and the heat shows up after. It’s the perfect balance of flavor and kick. So far I’ve had it with fish tacos, eggs, toast and chicken. It was good on all of it. On a heat scale of 1-10, I’d say it’s a 4. Try it! You won’t regret it. And for those wondering if the cilantro is too strong, I don’t think it was. I definitely tasted the lime and jalapeño more than the cilantro.

  4. Juliet Shields

    Delicious! I’ve used it in everything from egg sandwiches, soup, fish tacos, and chicken salad. It works with all of them. It’s got enough kick for someone who likes hot food but is mild enough for someone who doesn’t like things too hot. It’s a perfect medium.

  5. Theresa (verified owner)

    Sooo good!! I have a new
    Addiction! Chips, tacos, seafood, chicken…. Love this stuff!!!

  6. KatieMac (verified owner)

    This sauce is so good. Seriously. It goes on everything and I’ve already used 3 bottles. Just give me a straw for this stuff!

  7. Megan S. (verified owner)

    I obviously bough/ this because Im A Blockhead and anything to to with our 5 guys o gotta support them. I follow The Wood Works and look forward to the next episode each week.
    When I heard that he had a sauce coming out well damn I bought two bottles. I’ve put it on my tacos, my eggs. My chicken, my steak.
    It is insanely delicious. My family even likes it. It gives you just the right amount of heat.
    Hoping Dsnny will be making more sauces and fingers crossed for some Sugar Free sauces for us Diabetics.

  8. Gina (verified owner)

    I put this on everything! Shredded chicken, eggs, potatoes, taco’s, and I added to my homemade pick de gallo. Very bright flavors with the lime and cilantro being more forward and the jalapeño very subtle. Looking forward to whatever else Danny’s cooking up with Torchbearer! Don’t wait, order this sauce!

  9. Chandra Beaty (verified owner)

    This sauce is so good on everything. Add a little spice to your eggs at breakfast. Great on tacos and burritos. Use on enchiladas, burgers, even lasagna. Really it’s that good.

    I probably should just subscribe as I am going to keep buying it.

    It’s not too spicy and has just the perfect kick. The cilantro is really subtle for those who may have an aversion.

  10. Petrina Fryer (verified owner)

    Purchased two bottles and already need more. I’ve tried it on chicken, eggs, bbq, chili, Mac & cheese with ham, etc… you name it. Has a great kick and just the right amount of cilantro for me. The heat to me is just right as well. I love spicy food but not so spicy I can’t eat it and I say this hits the mark. I’d say heat level for me was 5 out of 10 which is right where I like my heat levels. 10 is too spicy. I’d definitely recommend trying this one. I know I’ll be getting more soon as well as others to try. Very tasty sauce.

  11. Darnetta Santiago (verified owner)

    Awesome job Danny!!

    The Jalapeño Cilantro sauce is delicious. I’ve tried it on my tacos, baked chicken and tortilla chips.

    I usually run away from anything spicy but I was able to handle Danny’s sauce. The heat is there but it’s not long lasting. It’s spicy but not spicy lol.

    I purchased 4 bottles and gave them to family and friends. They are not NKOTB fans so I knew I would get an unbiased opinion and everyone loved it! They said it was really good.

  12. Ashley

    It goes on everything! I put it in my tuna salad, on eggs, with chicken wings and even dishes some on top of my cottage cheese. It makes a quick guacamole with an avacado too! Delicious. Not very hot, more of a little spice and lots of flavor.

  13. Bobbie Jo (verified owner)

    This sauce rocks! Fresh and flavorful! It can be put on just about anything! Get it you won’t regret it! Warm not to hot! Tastes AMAZING!

  14. Winn Taijito (verified owner)

    Love, love this sauce. For me, it’s great on almost any protein or salad. If you like to give your foods a little kick with a tart flavor this is for you! I’ve used it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, baked wings, and also on my avocado toast. So glad there’s a 3 & 12 pack now available.

  15. Leah1577 (verified owner)

    Great taste and just the right heat to add to any dish…I love the cilantro flavor!!!

  16. Amy11674 (verified owner)

    Perfect heat!

  17. Amy (verified owner)

    Its so good on nacho grande. And to top off a bowl of chili. It has the heat with still having a great flavor. Lots of hot sauces just wanna explode your mouth and dont care if it taste good. This has a bite AND a great taste!! Love it

  18. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I ordered some of Danny’s hot sauce for my kids who love spicy stuff and they loved it, I will definitely order more in the future to support Danny.

  19. Christina Meyer (verified owner)

    Great sauce!!! Just the right amount of spice. Tasty on chips, chicken, tacos. Great flavor.

  20. Brandie (verified owner)

    A sauce you can have with breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks! Healthy and tastes amazing!

  21. Daniel Barker (verified owner)

    My son and I love this sauce! Excellent blend of flavors. I normally only buy the hottest available sauces (Garlic Reaper is one of my favorites), but I am so glad I tried this mild, yet wonderful offering. Highly recommended!

  22. Ginger Cordell (verified owner)

    I have purchased several bottles and have eaten it on just about everything from eggs to burgers, chicken and seafood. Absolutely delicious! #Dannygirlforalways!

  23. Danielle Testa

    I wan to start by saying I am not a spice or hot person when it come to my food, but adding this to not only my home meals and marinades to using as added flavor when I do take out Mexican it definitely give it that missing flavor it need. since it came out i think i have already order like 5 to about 10 bottles. i do have a few in my cabinet so in case but it is definitely something that i am happy to to add to my own cooking. and always happy to support Danny as i am a fan of his music and all he stands, and all the work he dose.

  24. Meg J (verified owner)

    It’s spicy, but not too spicy where you can’t taste the different flavors. I love this on tacos and on Asian food.

  25. Vanessa

    I’m very happy I got to taste this sauce. Because it’s not available in The Netherlands and this type of sauce is also not that common over here.

    I’ve tried it on several food products but mostly on meat and I find it very refreshing.

    Highly recommended if you want a surprising bite to your dish!

  26. Jessica Robinson

    My family absolutely loves this sauce. We have used it on many entrees and the flavor has never failed us. I love that it has a little kick to it but it isn’t so spicy that you can’t enjoy it. Perfect amount of seasonings that blend together well and not overpowering. This is a must try. Tacos will never be the same without this sauce. I also added some into crab rangoons & oh my. Game changer!!

  27. Lyssa Moreno (verified owner)

    I have already bought 5 bottles of Danny’s sauce, and I have to say, its amazing. I’m not much into spice, but the cilantro flavor is what makes me love this. Its great on chicken fresh out of the BBQ pit. My little ones love it with eggs, nacho chips, rice, on anything they can add it too! I highly recommend it!

  28. Meagan

    It’s literally perfect

  29. MAConlan (verified owner)

    I am enjoying this jalapeño cilantro! I wanted a milder sauce for my egg whites in the morning. What I got was more versatile. Cooking it with chicken/fish/eggs allows the protein to shine with flavor. And when I want more heat I add a little bit more after and I’m completely satisfied. My father doesn’t like much heat so this sauce makes dinnertime satisfying for us both.
    I bought in bulk because a bigger jar would be my only recommendation.

  30. Vevay Rollings

    I bought this sauce as a Christmas gift for my son, but it ended up being a family favorite for all of us!

  31. Linda A.

    All the right amount of spice AND flavor….& GREAT on many of my favorite foods…try it & you’ll be hooked,too!

  32. Tisha (verified owner)

    I’m on my 4th bottle of Danny’s jalapeño sauce. So I’d say I LOVE it. It is perfect on everything. Eggs, tacos, chicken, rice and more. It’s hot but not too hot 🥵. And the bottle is pretty appealing too 😉

  33. Sheryl Nordstrom (verified owner)

    I love this sauce! Spicy enough to make you want more, but not too spicy that you can’t feel your mouth any more. It’s the perfect amount of flavor and heat. I’ve enjoyed it on Mexican meals, but it’s also great on eggs! Or add a little to your corn chips. Next time I make deviled eggs I plan to add it to the yolk mixture. It’s versatile and a great sauce to keep around the house.

  34. Suzanne McCarthy (verified owner)

    This is the perfect compliment to our chicken and turkey meals! First you feel the tang of the cilantro and then comes the light heat (not too much) of the jalapeño! We love it and have gone through two bottles already! It’s also great on eggs with avocado toast 🙌🏻 Definitely ordering more and highly recommend for that little “something extra”!

  35. Margaret S (verified owner)

    GREAT sauce. It goes on everything. I do not hot normally but this has just the right amount of heat. LOVE it.. Always have a bottle on hand and have sent friends a few, they love it.

  36. Megan LaMond (verified owner)

    Loved this, it would be used as a dressing, or marinade or dipping. definitely will be buying it again.

  37. Heather Beck (verified owner)

    I love adding this sauce to tacos, chicken schwarma, meatloaf. It has just the right amount of spiciness and adds a little kick to my food. It’s the best!!!

  38. Amanda Nelson (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of spice but this I had to try and I like it. I put just a touch on a variety of foods and it definitely livens up the dish. I especially like it on rice. I will definitely be buying more once I’m through with the second bottle.

    Not only am I fan of Danny Wood, I’m a fan of this sauce too 🤤

  39. Anny Hicks

    The hint of cilantro is good, it’s a different hot sauce. We have used it on tacos, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, anything else you want to add a kick to.

  40. Jennifer Benzinger (verified owner)

    If you like a little kick, this sauce will do the trick! I’d say the spice level is between a mild and medium chicken wing. A few drops will make your food pop!

    Egg-cellent on eggs
    Perfect on potatoes
    Marvelous on meat
    Stupendous on seafood

    And the design is tres chic. So, what ya waiting for? Order one…or four!

  41. Anna N

    Bright, not too hot, and damn delicious! Another knock out of the park for TorchBearer. I could eat this stuff on anything!

  42. Jessica Sos

    I was able to grab a bottle of this at Garlic Fest, and I was so happy to see you had this flavor! It truly blends well with many things, while elevating the flavor of whatever you pair it with. The perfect amount of zip and zing!

  43. Beth B (verified owner)

    My favorite hot sauce! The tang and spice are AMAZING. I gave it away as Xmas stocking stuffers and I’m constantly asked for more. In fact, it’s time to stock up again !!

  44. Stephanie Tate (verified owner)

    Perfect amount of heat to enjoy on anything, but a great addition to so many of my recipes that call for hot sauce! Love this hot sauce!

  45. Daniel A

    Very flavorful. Was great with our homemade wings, and was a nice addition to mix with a bit of ranch on a side salad.

  46. Michelle (verified owner)

    Our family loves this sauce. It’s great with all types of meals

  47. Kathleen Tredo (verified owner)

    Omg this hot sauce is good on everything. I dont eat beef or pork but when I put it on my seafood or chicken or even my ground up turkey meat for my tacos. It’s so amazing one of the best sauces I’ve tried

  48. Stacey Troll (verified owner)

    This sauce is a family favorite! We love to use it on tacos and as a dipping sauce for chicken. It’s just the right amount of spice. I highly recommend!

  49. Jennifer Millonida

    It’s great sauce not to hot and it really good. I would recommend it to friends.

  50. Dianna (verified owner)

    This is an amazing sauce that has so much flavor! It is nice to have a different flavor profile of heat to add to… Well … Just about anything! Eggs, rice, nachos, sandwiches… The possibilities are neverending if you have this bottle on hand! I have tried several of Torchbearer Sauces, and this is hands down the best. The heat says “Hey! Notice me!!!” Without knocking anyone out who’s in the way of you and the milk… Like some of the other sauces! Torchbearer Sauces love their heart, but they also love their flavor. Danny Woods Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce definitely meets the company’s flavorful profile adventure. I make sure I keep this in stock at home at all times!

  51. Danielle (verified owner)

    I love the lightness of the lime. It’s a great combination and has a ton of flavor. I blew threw my first bottle so fast. Definitely a staple in my house.

  52. Jenn

    Got Danny’s sauce for my Birthday this year. I was so excited I wanted to make sure that when I used it, it would pare nicely so with a few suggestions that were made, I absolutely love it on chicken fajitas! Not only does it taste amazing it’s good for you😉. I highly recommend, and can’t wait to see more !!

  53. Eli white (verified owner)

    Even if this wasn’t by one of my love gods, I’d buy it. So yummy and delicious with kick

  54. Bernadette Triggs (verified owner)

    Perfect blend of flavors!! Not too hot – just right!! Love it on chicken.

  55. Denise S

    If you don’t get this sauce, your missing out. I love hot sauce with a kick. This hot sauce goes with everything even deviled eggs.

  56. Kelly Morgan (STRAY)

    Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce is the Best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted.
    It is a great balance of flavor and heat.
    Which makes this sauce a perfect match for so many different dishes!

  57. DW (verified owner)

    I usually go for much hotter sauces but this is absolutely my new go-to. This is one you can pour all over everything and it’s delicious. Perfect for tacos

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