Buffalo Wing Sauce | Bottle | 12oz



Remember when Buffalo sauce was the hottest new thing, and it burned like the wrath of Hell? Well, the past’s the past and Hell’s gotten a lot hotter. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for an old favorite. With its intense buffalo flavor and just-right amount of heat, you’ll be putting this tasty little number on everything. Your flavor explosion awaits!

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Meet the Universally Awesome Buffalo Sauce

Finally, a buffalo sauce that doesn’t feel like your lips got (repeatedly) stung by a bee. Does that mean all the flavorful heat is gone? Of course, not! This buffalo sauce bottle is packed with fruits and vegetables like mandarin orange, tomatoes, and carrots, plus a dash of habanero for a delicious tingle that’ll keep you coming back for more. Even the non-heat fanatics will love this one.

Tasting Notes: Tomatoey and thick with a hint of spice.

Pairs well with: Wings; Chicken Dip; Corn on the Cob

Pepper: Habanero



Wings are so last year. What else can I put buffalo wing sauce on?

If wings aren’t your thing (we see you, vegetarians!), try a few tablespoons in your mac ‘n’ cheese, on top of nachos, with your pizza, or mixed into some hummus.

Is this buffalo sauce spicy?

This flavorful wing sauce for sale is deliciously mild with just the right amount of spice. Think of the classic, tangy creaminess of buffalo sauce without the face-melting heat.

Is this sauce healthy?

Naturally made using fruits and vegetables and free from artificial flavors and preservatives, this buffalo sauce bottle is accidentally healthy – but intentionally delicious.


Give Your Wings Some Love

Don’t leave those wings unadorned. Give them some love with our wing sauces! Like our specialty hot sauces, we have unique wing sauces for everyone’s palate and heat level at Torchbearer Sauces. Light your torch with the infamous Zombie Apocalypse™ Jolokia Pepper sauce, keep it mild with our Buffalo Wing Sauce and Oh My Garlic™!, or find something in between to satisfy that craving for spice!


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Buffalo Wing Sauce | Bottle | 12oz
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