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Zombie Apocalypse – (Featured on Seasons 3 & 4 of Hot Ones) Our original super-hot sauce is packed with fresh bhut jalokia peppers (better known as the ghost pepper) for an intense, life-altering heat. But what really sets this sauce apart from other extreme hot sauces is the immense flavor. Other’s make hot for the sake of hot, filling their bottles with bitter extracts and offensive amounts of vinegar to do nothing more than burn you. We here at TorchBearer love to burn as well but what’s the point if there’s no flavor? All you hot heads out there will appreciate the heat and be wowed by how delicious it still is. It’s great on everything you love to eat as long as you want an intense burn along with it. Heck, it might even be good on brains. Perfect For: Wings, Chili, Tacos


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16 reviews for Zombie Apocalypse™ | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Cullen

    Hotter Than Hell Itself!

  2. Matt

    The taste is incredible, spicy, and worth every dollar. This is my second bottle of this stuff, and I use it whenever I can. Be careful, if you’re not experienced with hot sauces this one will buuuurrrrnnnn.

  3. Kyle

    It’s right where I want a hot sauce to be. Amazing flavor and intense heat that burns just right…on the cusp of being uncomfortably hot. Definitely one of my top 3 favorite sauces.

  4. Anthony

    The taste was amazing and there was a HELL of a kick that took a minute to set in. The pain was well worth it.

  5. Steve

    Great sauce. So good, and tasty!

  6. Ralf

    If the devil and a majestic unicorn had a love child this is it… hotter than hell but magically delicious.

  7. Nolan

    I tasted this at a craft show they had a stand at a few weeks ago. Hands down the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. I had the hottest one they make too, but the zombie has a great flavor if you love hot stuff. Only hot sauce to date I’m willing to spend $3 an oz on! I went through 2 bottles in 2 weeks. I put it on everything!

  8. Rafael Rosas

    It literally dug a hole in my stomach. I didn’t even have to digest it. It saw itself out.

  9. Maria Jose Pino

    For me this suace has a really good taste, is not extremely hot, but the spicy is just in the point and doesnt ruin the food, like in some cases is so hot that you just lost the flavor. Love this sauces, a lot of support from Ecuador !!!

  10. Joseph L. G. (verified owner)

    This sauce really brings the heat, but is full of flavor. Love using it on wings. My wife goes through this stuff like it’s water.

  11. Amanda

    This is absolutely my favorite hot sauce. The carrot and garlic perfectly balance the slow burn of the ghost pepper. I have a pretty seasoned tolerance for heat levels, so if you are sensitive or just want to try it, use it sparingly for the flavor. But if you love a good burn with your food, slather it on, and enjoy the flavor and burn of this delicious hot sauce.

  12. Michele

    This sauce had a great flavor and just the right amount of heat. It’s definitely my favorite.

  13. Dave Maddux

    Amazing taste and flavor. I use it on everything (I take a quart of sour cream, and mix in 3 tablespoons of this). And add it to vegetables, baked potatoes, use it like mayonnaise on sandwiches. A great hot sauce.

  14. ATL Dad

    This sauce has a nice taste and didn’t seem too hot in my mouth, but it made my eyeballs sweat and made me feel like there was a lit match burning a hole in the wall of my stomach.

  15. Dakota

    Excellent sauce! Perfect amount of heat and goes great on everything!

  16. J

    I’m not much of a hot sauce person, but I absolutely LOVE this sauce. It’s decently hot, but unlike most other sauces it has texture and delicious flavor.

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