Oh My Garlic ™! | Bottle | 12oz

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Oh My Garlic –  Oh My Garlic ™! Sauce is our BEST SELLER and has been since its first release in September 2011. Not only is this the best garlic aioli you’ll ever come across but it’s also vegan friendly and all natural. You’re going to use this in your mashed potatoes, you’re going to stir fry veggies in it, you’ll be throwing it on any type of meat either as a finishing sauce or a delicious marinade, and you’ll definitely be topping off your favorite wraps and burgers with it. You’re about to make a decision that will change your cooking forever. Tasting Notes: Very garlic-forward with a pleasant creaminess and touch of tang. Perfect For: Pizza, Chicken, Pasta Sauce

Don’t forget to try it with our Lazy Man’s Hummus recipe. All you need is Oh My Garlic ™ and a can of chick peas!

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6 reviews for Oh My Garlic ™! | Bottle | 12oz

  1. Michele

    This is a fantastic sauce with a great taste. Good on any meat, but it is PERFECT on pork chops one the grill. Let the chops marinade overnight, then grill.

  2. Billwood (verified owner)

    My go-to sauce to have with most chicken dishes when extra flavor is needed. My favorite use is with my garlic-Parmesan chicken pizza.

  3. Andrew Britcher

    Great garlic sauce, awesome on everything from chicken to sandwiches and much more.

  4. Dolores Pilnacek

    I LOVE this sauce! I put it on everything since I do love garlic taste..it’s so flavorful..I like to dip fries in it as well as putting it on chicken burgers, hamburgers etc!

  5. Augie Passante (verified owner)

    awesome sauce….. Its my go to for Salmon…… try it and you wont be disappointed

  6. Cole

    Absolutely love this stuff. Got it in an amazon BBQ box assortment and just cant get enough. Will buy again when this runs out

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Oh My Garlic ™! | Bottle | 12oz
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