*Due to popular demand all Advent Calendars ordered on or past 12/6/23 may contain doubles of some sauces.

*All calendars ordered on or past 12/6/23 are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

It’s time to start thinking about gifts and we have the perfect one for just about anyone you know; the 12 Days of Torchbearer Hot Sauce! You’ll find a dizzying array of hot sauces, BBQs, and marinades in this fun package that will make every day an adventure. You never know what you’ll get as you flip open each door. Is it a sweet BBQ sauce you can have with your chicken tonight or is it a terrifying (yet always delicious) decent into mouth scorching madness? This will be something the giftee will tell you about day after day as they experience each unique sauce for themselves. It’s a great time whether you try them yourself or just see the reaction. Happy holidays everyone!

1 Advent Calendar per order


Torchbearer Sauces


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Advent Calendar | 12 1.75oz Bottles | *Limit 1 per order*
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