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Our second collaboration with Danny Wood and Woodworks brings you Guac Sizzle! This amazing blend of avocado and jalapeno peppers gives you a little kick with a huge guacamole flavor. Not only is this perfect for your favorite Mexican dish but it also goes great with burgers, chicken sandwiches, and will brighten up soups and mac and cheese. Try it today and sizzle your way to happiness!

Danny Wood is an established singer, songwriter, and producer who rose to fame as a member of the band, New Kids on the Block. Danny ventured into the world of new media with his YouTube channel ‘The Wood Works,’ producing content with the themes of family, food, fitness and fun. The channel releases a new video every Tuesday at 12pm EST/9am PST.

Perfect For: Chicken Sandwiches, Mexican Cuisine, Mac and Cheese


Torchbearer Sauces

3 reviews for Danny Wood’s Guac Sizzle | Bottle | 5oz

  1. NW

    While avocado & Jalapeño is dancing tango,tangy lime is spinning down sweeps in my mouth! All those ingredients are perfectly balanced taste, yet very unique and different. Definitely Guac is sizzling,having a good time! Perfect 10.

  2. Miss Joyce Battle (verified owner)

    Well. Well. Well…

    Torchbearer Sauces and Danny Wood have teamed up again for a new sauce so, of course, I had to try it out.

    The sauce is (aptly) called Guac Sizzle and is the follow-up to Wood’s successful Jalapeño Cilantro hot sauce.

    Guac Sizzle (like Jalapeno Cilantro) features all natural ingredients and flavourings that are thoughtfully gluten free and low carb.

    For those poor ppl who are not cilantro fans, this is your sauce.

    Mildly thicker w the expected smoothness of real avocado, the sauce has an element of jalapeño and lime and a stout addition of white pepper.

    With the first taste, the combo of jalapeño and avocado is very apparent.

    Blending nicely, the two are followed by the tart of lime and the white vinegar, twisting the whole sauce to a pleasant smooth experience but THEN- wait for it– that white pepper kicks in.

    Although billed as a Mild sauce, Guac Sizzle does just that- SIZZLE.

    White pepper apparently has more heat than my regular schmegular black pepper and it jumps aboard to kick the sauce’ s taste up, lingering on the tongue from the first bite.

    I’d give it a 6/10 on my heat scale. Accenting but not overpowering.

    So far I’ve used Guac Sizzle on taco salad featuring hamburger and chicken and on a fresh diced avocado-tomato-onion- cucumber salad.

    The savoury heat complements chicken and beef well, and the fresh brightness of the avocado salad is accented w a bit of the sauce. I can’t wait to try it w my carnitas, and black beans!

    Another well done sauce that will be a great addition to your cupboards!

    Go on! Get You Some!

  3. Raye Lewis

    I have finally found my “everything” sauce! I love this sauce – mild heat, smooth yet bold flavor, and just the right amount of tanginess! I literally put this on everything I eat! I can’t wait to try it as a marinade. Thank you!!

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Danny Wood's Guac Sizzle | Bottle | 5oz
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