Danny’s Taco Kit | 5 Bottles | 5oz


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Taco Tuesdays just got even better! Danny Wood’s sauces, Guac Sizzle and Jalapeno Cilantro, start this 5 pack out strong with their mild, delicious flavors that will nestle right into your meaty taco. Next up is our original hot sauce, Sultry. This sauce packs carrots, mandarin oranges, and tomatoes (with just a smidge of habanero) into a 5oz bottle ready to explode over every taco in town. Finally, we get into some spicier options with our Habanero Evil and Sweet Onion Habanero sauces. Both have a similar bite which, while spicy, isn’t going to melt anyone’s face off. The Habanero Evil is great for a savory, garlic and black pepper flavor while Sweet Onion Habanero gives you a little sweetness along with your heat. Either is a great option to make any taco you get your mouth on a pleasure. You’re gonna go nuts over this box!


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Danny's Taco Kit | 5 Bottles | 5oz