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Honey Badger – (Featured on Season 14 of Hot Ones) Honey Badger has been in the making for a LONG time and it’s finally here! We took our award-winning Honey Mustard recipe and eviled it up a bit with a selection of super-hot peppers and other fun stuff. If you are in the market for a mustard with a vicious bite, look no further. Drip it on hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken fingers, egg rolls, pretzels, veggie trays, fries, and so on and so forth. Whatever you do with it, be careful, ‘cuz Honey Badger DGAF! Perfect For: Ham Sandwiches, Egg Rolls, Pretzels

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1 review for Honey Badger | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Andrew Chamberlain (verified owner)

    This sauce is delicious – I’m on my third bottle. It has great flavor, and good heat. I use it more like a mustard than a sauce. Great with cheese, salami, crackers, or on a sandwich. Worked great as a sauce for pork chops too. It isn’t as hot as Garlic Reaper, so if you have a high heat tolerance, you can use a decent amount of it.

    My one complaint – this sauce needs to come in a squeeze bottle. it’s a thick honey mustard, so getting it out of a glass bottle is a chore. Especially when I want to use a ton of it on my sandwich!

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