Nekrogoblikon’s Goblin Sauce | Bottle | 5oz

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Nekrogoblikon’s Goblin Sauce – Direct from space comes the newest and goblin-iest collab sauce yet; Nekrogoblikon’s Goblin Sauce! Bright, citrusy and sweet orange juice and pineapples mix with spicy and evil jalapenos and scorpion peppers to create a hot sauce fit for an encroaching army of blood-thirsty little monsters. It was so exciting to have worked with the one-of-a-kind band Nekrogoblikon to bring this to you. We heard the band was eating it on cheese steaks recently and we love it in fajitas and omelets as well. Grab it here, get one at their next show, or maybe even order one with your next shirt or album purchase from their merch store. Goblin Sauce is here so don’t hesitate and grab one (as John Goblikon would say) RIGHT NOW! Tasting Notes: Very citrusy and sweet with a fast, intense, and quickly fading heat. Perfect For: Chicken Fajitas, Eggs, Cheesesteaks


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5 reviews for Nekrogoblikon’s Goblin Sauce | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Just got a bottle yesterday and I love it. It is versatile and packs some nice heat. Can’t wait to try it in my chili today!

  2. Gary Ewell

    This is legit my favorite hotsauce ever! Let alone tied to my favorite band. Please don’t stop producing it. I need this for the rest of my life!

  3. Shane

    Bought it at the PA Ren Faire and I will definitely keep buying it. It has a perfect balance of heat and flavor for someone like me who typically uses Tabasco or Cholula (this stuff is much much better than those two).

  4. Reilly (verified owner)

    holy fucking shit, im on my second bottle, this shit is amazing, fuckin 100/10, nice flavor, smells great, you can even smell it with the plastic wrapped around it. i recommend this sauce :3

  5. JT Lex

    I bought 2 bottles and love it. I see John Goblikon, I buy, bonus I like hot sauce as well.

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Nekrogoblikon's Goblin Sauce | Bottle | 5oz
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