Tarnation Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz

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Tarnation – With over 37,000 Scoville units, our smokin’ Habanero Tarnation Sauce™ channels the power of pure habanero peppers to make you feel alive. With a complex blend of 6 fruits and vegetables, it is as tasty as it is hot. This sauce is for the person who loves it really spicy but wants a more complex flavor. This is a HOT sauce, but you will thank us after you put it on your food. Tarnation has just the right amount of heat for someone who thinks nothing at the store is hot enough. Tastes great in or on everything. Perfect For: Tacos, Chili, Avocado Toast

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5 reviews for Tarnation Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Steve

    Great flavor, not just hot and not loaded with sodium like so many hot sauces.

  2. Ana Duran (verified owner)

    Great heat in this salsa. We love to use over rice and beans it’s deli on anything!!

  3. Judy G

    It’s delicious! Nice kick to it, but not super hot. Perfect condiment to a simple roast chicken and rice. Love it on chilled shrimp.

  4. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    This is my go to hot sauce. It is perfect for eggs, BBQ, anything that you would add hot sauce to. I think the Mandarin oranges add just the right amount of sweet to kick the heat up. Not for the meek, this sauce is definitely for experienced users!

  5. Christopher G (verified owner)

    Fantastic blend of taste and heat. Hot enough for even a seasoned heat miser, this sauce combines a bit of sweet with a good dose of heat that provides great balance. I use this like ketchup when it comes to chicken sandwiches, sausage subs, cheese steaks. Great over naked wings all by itself!

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Tarnation Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz
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