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Do you like curry? Do you hate how long it takes to prepare? Well let us curry you favor with our indian-style garlic curry sauce. With Torchbearer Sauces’ Psycho Curry, everything is a curry dish. Such as… curry lamb, curry ka-bobs, curry rice, curry veggie stir-fry, curry pork chops, curry meatloaf (sorry if we’re getting curryed away with ourselves) curry pizza, curry wings, curry dips, curry tacos, curry shrimp, curry soup, curry sandwiches, curry burgers… you get the point. So what’s for dinner? Don’t curry about it. We got you covered. Psycho Curry; Qu’est-ce que c’est din-din-din-din–diner is da-da-da-done!

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4 reviews for Psycho Curry | Bottle | 12oz

  1. g patric

    I love this sauce, I put it on everything even eat a spoonful!!!
    wish I bought more at the chili festival.
    It is the perfect blend of curry and some heat

  2. GP

    Love this sauce, its delicious right out of the bottle

  3. Maeve Carey (verified owner)

    I have never loved a sauce like I love the Psycho Curry sauce. Whoo girl. It’s so good.

  4. George Boehmler (verified owner)

    This is a great sauce. It goes great with pork. beef, chicken, and fish. I will always have some in my frig.

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