Smokey Horseradish Sauce | Bottle | 12oz

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Smokey Horseradish – Do you like locally produced and packaged horseradish? How about garlic and chipotle smokiness? Are you excited about a little spicy twang on the back end of your flavor adventure? Well, it’s all here and then some without any unnecessary, unnatural ingredients. Enjoy this sauce on anything from burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches to mushrooms and seafood. Grab some Smokey Horseradish and then grab some flowers because you’re about to fall in love. Perfect For: Sandwiches, Seafood, Bloody Marys


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5 reviews for Smokey Horseradish Sauce | Bottle | 12oz

  1. Ken Getchell

    I rec’d some Torchbearer sauces as a present. I’m Gluten-and-Milk intolerant, but I hate vinaigrette salad dressings. On a whim, I mixed some Smokey Horseradish Sauce with Mayonnaise and ended up with one of the best creamy salad dressings ever.

  2. Tara Dawn Hazen (verified owner)

    I LOVE this sauce. First tried it at the street market in Carlisle and was immediately addicted. Its great on everything.
    I spend winters in FL. I forgot to pack it this year. Panic!! Thank goodness you can order on line. 6 bottles to the rescue. Absolutely the best.

    ***side note – I was very excited when I found this in Karns. The bottles were glass instead of plastic, no biggie. The product itself was awful. Not even close to the actual product I get directly from Torchbearer.

  3. Toby (verified owner)

    My favorite sauce in the last 10 years. Younger me always wanted the hottest thing possible but as I’ve aged I now lean more towards flavor than pure heat. This has both. It pairs nicely with almost any dish from wings, to eggs, to even as a dipping sauce for veggies. #GameChanger

  4. Evangeline Long

    My sister lives in S. Korea and always gets this to bring back when she is visiting! Getting one to send to her for her birthday!

  5. Michele

    This is THE best horseradish sauce I have tasted. I can’t wait to taste the Headless Horseradish.

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Smokey Horseradish Sauce | Bottle | 12oz
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