Shinedown’s Symptom Bundle of 6 | 6 Bottles | 5oz



A half-dozen of just about anything is pretty great. With 6 bottles of our new collaboration sauce made with the amazing band, Shinedown, in your pantry, you will have a flavorful stockpile ready for whatever may come. Say goodbye to bland sandwiches, casseroles, and everything else as you will be able to slather Symptom on it all with abandon!

***Due to the expected high demand for our Shinedown product launch, please expect shipping to have delays.  We will do our best to get everyone their sauces within a few weeks and are working hard to improve our process as we speak. Thank you for your understanding.***


Torchbearer Sauces


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Shinedown's Symptom Bundle of 6 | 6 Bottles | 5oz
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