Slaughter Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz

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Slaughter – This isn’t your daddy’s hot sauce and we won’t be held responsible for any teasing you have to endure after crying into the Slaughter-soaked fajita you packed for work. If you are in love with that fresh habanero taste and can’t seem to find it in a sauce that brings the heat you need, look no further. Get brave and pour it on a burger or take it down a notch and add a little to your crock pot full of homemade chili. Whatever you choose, your tastebuds will absolutely jump for joy (and possibly for a gallon of milk). Perfect For: Quesadillas, Fried Chicken, Shrimp

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5 reviews for Slaughter Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Keith K

    This sauce is incredible. While I’m far from a fanatic, I enjoy a pretty significant amount of heat in my hot sauce. This stuff is perfect- right on the border of punishment and nirvana. The flavor of habanero is strong, with subtle compliments from the assorted citrus and carrots. Excellent in everything from lentils to chicken strips to fish tacos.

    Just be sure to shake the bottle really, really well.

  2. Pete Watkins (verified owner)

    Outstanding,lots of flavor and very tasty with just about anything eggs, soup,stews and chicken

  3. Rich Mooney

    Fantastic flavor! Love the fruity citrusy flavor with enough heat to slightly hurt!!

  4. Dylan (verified owner)

    Love the taste and smell though I do think it could stand to be a bit hotter. It is definitely an “I’ll put that s@$# on anything” type of sauce. Will be buying it again.

  5. Just Joe.

    My favorite for years. I miss it when its gone. Great mix of flavor and heat that improves many different dishes. Carrot element is great for giving it a little substance.

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Slaughter Sauce™ | Bottle | 5oz
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