The Famous 5-Pack (as seen on Hot Ones) | 5 5oz bottles


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Finally you can grab a cool Hot Ones Super Hots 5-pack containing each of our crazy-hot sauces seen on various seasons of First We Feast’s insanely popular show, Hot Ones. You’ve seen Sean and multitudes of celebrities tear up over everything here. Shaq was scared of the Garlic Reaper and Gordon Ramsay couldn’t put it’s fire out even with all the goodies he brought along. Zombie Apocalypse was on 2 seasons and scorched a ton of people. Honey Badger and Headless Horseradish had their own seasons to burn up the palettes of Shia LaBeouf and Nick Offerman with the latter and Kenan Thompson and Jennifer Garner with the former. This even has our newest and oddest addition, Mushroom Mayhem, that graced the tastebuds of Pedro Pascal and Jenna Ortega, among others. If you are looking for hot, it’s here. If you want wildly varying, delicious flavors, that’s here too. And if you want to spend an evening with friends daring each other to eat that next wing, look no further. The Hot Ones Super Hots 5-Pack has it all and it’s just a few clicks away from showing up on your doorstep.


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The Famous 5-Pack (as seen on Hot Ones) | 5 5oz bottles