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Did someone say luau? Sounds good to us! This BBQ is made with real fruit & spices to give it a full tropical flavor with a big sweet start and a little tang to make any dish scream of the islands. Put it on a burger with a fresh pineapple ring and sweet peppers to make something fit for the gods or even drizzle it over your favorite salad to give it a whole new flavor profile. If you’re feeling particularly bold you can dip Asian dumplings and spring rolls into it for a surprising new experience. No matter what, when you use Torchbearer Sauces’ Pineapple Papaya BBQ, everyone gets leid.

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5 reviews for Pineapple Papaya | Bottle | 12oz

  1. Lisa

    Met these guys at a huge craft festival near DC and was able to try several flavors. All were good but I bought the Pineapple Papaya BBQ sauce. I made pulled chicken BBQ in the crock pot with it and my husband said “it’s the BEST pulled BBQ I’ve ever had!” I am not normally a fan of pineapple but I LOVE this sauce. I’m getting ready to order more from them now.

  2. Eric

    I received a bottle in a gift box. I used it as a BBQ baste with think cut pork chops. My caveman teenager called them my best chops ever. I love the subtle sweetness with a tad of spice. It did not overwhelm the meat and was the perfect compliment to my mesquite lump charcoal.

  3. Emma

    This is the best BBQ sauce. I love a sweeter sauce, and this has the perfect sweetness on the front with a lite spice on the back end. So good. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Alicia

    So delicious and I’m not even a fan of most bbq sauces. The papaya gives a unique taste and really balances out the sweet/spicy.

  5. Joe

    The worst part about this is, it’s only a 12 Oz bottle. I’d by a 50gallon drum of it if I could. Best I’ve ever had!

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