Shinedown’s Symptom Chipotle Garlic | Bottle | 5oz

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Shinedown’s Symptom Chipotle Garlic Sauce – We were so excited to work with the epic band Shinedown that, when he heard what was happening, Vid spilled chipotle peppers all over his garlic bread. Not one to waste food, he took a bite and the idea for Symptom was born. This amazingly garlic-forward, smokey and spicy treat is sure to take the world by storm. Throw it on pizza or a club sandwich, add it in to baked mac and cheese, or maybe even mix it with some sour cream for a unique and fun party dip. This really is such a great flavor that it will probably work with just about anything and the heat isn’t overpowering either. As humans ourselves, we all agree that this is one of the better Symptoms of being one. Tasting Notes: Savory garlic with a smokiness that’s followed by a low and slow heat. Perfect For: Sandwiches, Stews, Anything you’d put garlic in or on

***Due to the expected high demand for our Shinedown product launch, please expect shipping to have delays.  We will do our best to get everyone their sauces within a few weeks and are working hard to improve our process as we speak. Thank you for your understanding.***


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1 review for Shinedown’s Symptom Chipotle Garlic | Bottle | 5oz

  1. Rebecca Thompson (verified owner)

    This sauce is ah-mazing!!! I’m regretting only ordering 1 bottle! It’s the perfect heat level to kick any meal up a notch. The garlic flavor really comes through alongside the chipotle flavor. I hope this collab continues and produces more flavor options!

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Shinedown's Symptom Chipotle Garlic | Bottle | 5oz
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