Symptom Mild 3-Pack | 3 Bottles | 5oz



For hot sauce lovers everywhere we are giving you this great bundle consisting of our new Symptom Garlic Chipotle (made with the rock band, Shinedown!), and our two most popular, regular heat hot sauces, Habanero Evil and Sweet Onion Habanero! You get a nice heat, savory flavor and smokiness for Symptom, a black-pepper, garlic, and onion blast in the Habanero Evil, and deliciously sweet and spicy notes in Sweet Onion Habanero. You can’t go wrong with this pack, even if you aren’t the hoss when it comes to spicy food. These sauces all pack a nice heat without becoming a challenge. Your tastebuds are going to have a field day!

Symptom – Heat Level 3      Habanero Evil – Heat Level 4     Sweet Onion Habanero – Heat Level 5

***Due to the expected high demand for our Shinedown product launch, please expect shipping to have delays.  We will do our best to get everyone their sauces within a few weeks and are working hard to improve our process as we speak. Thank you for your understanding.***


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Symptom Mild 3-Pack | 3 Bottles | 5oz
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